It’s a good question and the simple answer is that OverDRIVE offers a much higher level of functionality and deeper integration with G Suite to deliver a powerful and more flexible solution.

One of the key advantages with OverDRIVE is that it converts Google Drive and G Suite content into web pages automatically so you can set up a site in minutes, without the need for technical skills. There’s the flexibility to produce exactly the site that you want and also benefit from the security and robustness of Google’s infrastructure.  

OverDRIVE is designed for your organisation – intranets, workspaces and other web portals – but it can also be used for sites needing rapid deployment.

What OverDRIVE offers that Sites doesn’t:

  1. Create an OverDRIVE site automatically from your Google Drive content
    Simply select a suitable folder structure in Drive and OverDRIVE does the rest. OverDRIVE automatically creates the site’s menu items and web pages from the content that you’ve selected. If you edit the content in Drive, your site is automatically updated as well.
  2. Include external data sources
    OverDRIVE gives users straightforward access to data from external sources such as a CRM.
  3. Share Contacts
    With OverDRIVE you can share groups of Google contacts with other users and also decide what contact information is displayed.
  4. Create flexible and powerful dashboards
    You can easily and flexibly present information and data on a web page in a dashboard format. Examples might include performance statistics or graphs, quick links to other pages or an RSS feed with industry news.
  5. Find and filter files quickly with File Navigator
    The Navigator feature lets you list and filter large quantities of files such as images or documents. You can set up your own filters eg location, project or file type and use these either individually or in combination to find files quickly.
  6. Create Blogs automatically
    OverDRIVE’s Blog feature takes a news article and displays the first paragraph and image in a list which users can easily scan to see the most interesting article.
  7. Display Google Photos elegantly
    Images from Google Photo albums can be shown automatically on an OverDRIVE page. Users can select an album and view the images in a number of ways, including a carousel display.  
  8. Design pages with more flexibility
    OverDRIVE provides more design flexibility than Google Sites by providing a wide range of styling options and themes. We also allow the use of embedded JavaScript and stylesheet code.
  9. Embed external sites
    External websites can be embedded directly into an OverDRIVE page. This greatly improves the user experience and ensures that all users access the correct sources of external information.
  10. Sort Google Sheets
    For an embedded Sheet, OverDRIVE enables keyword filtering and allows Sheets to be sorted in ascending and descending order on any column for fast surfacing of information.


About OverDRIVE

OverDRIVE is designed for organisations using G Suite.  It lets you make great-looking and powerful workspaces and sites, transforming Drive and other G Suite content into web pages automatically. Uses include project workspaces, sites, intranets, digital libraries, event sites and education resources. OverDRIVE is available globally online and through partners.

Visit the OverDRIVE site to find out more or take a look at the demo site to see an example of what it can do.

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