Here are the latest updates from Google Workspace, including recordings in Google Slides, new options for Google Chat spaces, and new Google Meet features.

Google Slides

Google is introducing a new feature called Slides Recordings which allows you to record yourself presenting and share the recording with others. This is helpful for webinars, training, and lessons. You can share the recordings easily with others and they can view them whenever they want. You don’t need to use a separate video recording tool which can be time consuming.

Find the Rec button in the top right corner of your presentations.

Recording button in Google Slides

Google Chat

Google Chat is introducing two new features to improve the space creation flow:

Preventing duplicate space names: You will no longer be able to create a space with a name that already exists within your company’s domain.

Configuring spaces for specific use cases: When creating a new space, you can now choose whether it is for Collaboration (topic or team project discussion) or Announcements (one way communication). After creating the space, an updated welcome page will appear with contextual options for further configuration.

For collaboration spaces, users can add members, share files, assign tasks, and create a welcome message.

For announcement spaces, users can add groups, manage space permissions, and add guidelines.


Now you can also star Google Chat messages in the mobile app for Android or iOS. To star a message, long press it and tap Star.

Google Meet

New features for Google Meet allow you to personalise your appearance in meetings:

Combine multiple video effects: You can now use a background effect and a filter effect at the same time.
New user interface for effects: Effects are now grouped by category, making it easier to find and apply the ones you want.
Studio lighting and sound with Duet AI: Studio lighting will simulate studio quality lighting and studio sound will automatically improve poor audio quality from typical Bluetooth headsets and dial-in participants. If you are a Refractiv customer, get in touch to start your free Duet AI trial today.

Google Drive

Share timestamped links to specific parts of a video in Google Drive. To use this feature, simply click the “Share” button, and from the dropdown menu, select “Copy link to this time” and then send the link to the recipient. The recipient will start watching the video at the specified timestamp.

Share button with video timestamp option in Google Drive

A new split button toggle allows you to switch between viewing modes in Google Drive.

Toggle for view mode in Google Drive


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