Catch up with the latest Google Workspace features. These new updates for Docs, Chat, and Meet have been announced by the Google Workspace team in June 2023.

Google Docs

Variable Chips allow you to define and insert placeholders within a document, which can be conveniently updated all at once. Try it by typing the “@” symbol, then selecting add a new “Variable”



Smart canvas variables in Google Docs

Smart variable chips in Google Docs.

This feature is especially valuable for streamlining processes that involve documents with fixed templates, such as invoices and contracts.

Google Chat

Spaces update

Google has announced that later this year, all Google Chat Spaces organised by conversation topics will be upgraded to the new in-line threading experience. Threads will be organised into topics, and contextual information, such as the original comment being replied to, will be included. This update should cut down on excessive notifications and address the lack of separation for different topics or threads of conversation.

Chat Declutter
Google’s Chat Declutter will automatically hide messages and Spaces that have been inactive for a week or more. This helps prioritise the most relevant messages, allowing you to focus on important conversations. You can easily access all the hidden messages by clicking the “More” button.

Smart Compose
Smart Compose is coming to Google Chat. The feature which is already available in Gmail helps you save valuable time during communication. Furthermore, Smart Compose seamlessly complements the existing Smart Replies functionality in Google Chat, which offers suggested short-format responses. This combination empowers users with an even more supercharged messaging productivity.

Smart compose in Google Chat

Smart compose feature in Google Chat.
Image: Google Blog

Google Meet

Google has introduced a new option for hosts in Google Meet called “Everyone is a Viewer.” This feature allows hosts to designate all participants as viewers, meaning they can only consume content without sharing their audio or video feeds. Hosts can change the roles of participants during a Meet call. This provides a whole new level of flexibility and engagement.

In addition to this feature, Google is increasing the maximum participant limit in Meet from 500 to 1000, as long as at least 500 participants are designated as viewers. This enhancement allows for even larger-scale meetings and collaboration. Hosts will also be able to view, accept or deny all requests to join a meeting at once.

New picture-in-picture interface
Google is introducing a new picture-in-picture experience that offers access to these features while in picture-in-picture mode: raise your hand, chat, closed captions, flexible layouts, and more.

Google Meet in action

Meet’s new picture-in-picture interface.
Image: Google Blog

Live Translation
It is now possible to translate live meetings from English into seven new languages: French Canadian, Indonesian, Polish, Romanian, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

These updates reflect Google’s commitment to providing tools that enable people to work together more seamlessly and efficiently. Some advanced features are available with selected Google Workspace plans only. Get in touch today if you would like to find out more or upgrade your Google Workspace plan.