Google has announced some new features for Google Workspace users, including a new search filter in Google Drive and a new tab in Google Chat that allows you to store all the important messages in one place.

Google Drive

Google Drive is introducing a new filter that enables you to see which files or folders are shared with specific individuals or groups. This feature gives you better insights into who has access to files both within and outside of your organisation.

Filter by people in Google Drive

Image: Google

Google Chat & Drive

New features have been added to the integration between Google Chat and Google Drive. As you may already know, until now you could receive notifications from Drive directly in Chat, including file shares, access requests, and comments.

Now you can also reply to and resolve comments in Docs, Sheets, or Slides, see more of the comment thread for additional context, and tag your colleagues using the “@” symbol. These new features make the Google Drive app in Google Chat even more convenient and useful for users.

Google Chat

A new section called “Starred” has started to appear on the left side of the Google Chat interface. Similar to the starring feature in Gmail and Drive, this new update allows you to add a star to important messages that you can easily find in the Starred section later. This feature helps to organise and prioritise content, allowing you to focus on what’s most important. Use the “Starred” tab to can enhance your productivity and save time.

Google Calendar

You can now access all your tasks and task lists in a single full screen view on the Calendar web! With an optimised desktop layout, this update makes it easier than ever before to stay on top of your tasks and keep them organised.

Google Meet

From now on, you can use a physical gesture to “raise your hand” and ask a question during your Google Meet session. This new feature is in addition to the existing hand-raise icon. To ensure that your physical hand gesture is detected, make sure that your camera is enabled and that your hand is visible to the camera, away from your face and body. Please note that if you are an active speaker, the gesture detection will not be triggered. But as soon as someone else becomes the active speaker, the gesture detection will resume.

Raise hand gesture during a Google Meet call

Image: Google

Google Slides

Google Slides now supports GIFs and stickers for more creative and engaging presentations. You can find them under Insert > Image > GIFs and stickers.

Google Meet for Developers

Google announced some exciting news for all the developers who are looking to integrate their solutions with Google Workspace. This announcement is particularly exciting because for the first time, partners and customers will be able to include Google Meet integration and configuration in their own application development.

The new Meet API will provide a range of capabilities, including programmatically creating and configuring Meet calls, retrieving information about past meetings such as meeting times and attendees, and accessing meeting artifacts like video recordings and transcripts.