Google has launched Duet AI, your personal AI-powered productivity tool, along with new updates for Google Drive, Slides, Meet, and Chat. These new features will be rolled out gradually over the next few weeks.

Introducing Duet AI

Duet AI for Google Workspace is an AI tool that can help you write, visualise, organise, and accelerate workflows. The new Duet AI add-on is available for those subscribed to the Business Standard plan or higher.

Duet AI helps you be more productive with tasks across Google Workspace tools. For example, it can:

  • Draft responses in Gmail that take into account the context of the existing email thread.
  • Create and refine text content in Docs, including rich formatting and generation of smart chips.
  • Ask questions about your content and get a summary of documents shared or a chat conversation in a Google Chat Space.
  • Transcribe calls in Meet to provide meeting summaries with suggested action items.
  • Generate images and visual content in presentations in Slides.
  • Turn ideas into action by generating project plan templates.

If you want to give Duet AI a try without any cost for 14 days or if you need to upgrade to a supported plan (Business Standard or higher), please get in touch with us.

Duet AI in Google Docs
Image: Google

Google Drive

Lock Documents, Sheets, and Slides in Google Drive

Google announced a “Lock” feature for Google Drive. Until now, you could lock files only by using the file approval process.

To lock a file in Google Drive, you must have editor access. Simply right-click on a file in Google Drive and select the Lock option under the File Information menu. This will prevent anyone from editing, commenting, suggesting, or making any changes to the file. To unlock a file, use the same right-click menu.

Lock file feature in Google Drive

Google Chat

Smart chips

Next time you compose a message in Chat, try to insert relevant documents using the new smart chips feature. Simply type in “@” and then the name of the file. The most recently used files will be suggested, and you can also search for files by name.

Use Google Groups in Chat

Google Chat Spaces now support Google Groups. This allows you to add and manage members using Groups.
To add everyone from a Google Group as members to a Space, go to Space settings> Manage members > Add > Enter the group name > Add.  Any changes to the group’s membership will be reflected in the space.

New chat interface

This chat update will align incoming and outgoing messages to opposite sides of the chat window, with each message in its own bubble with a different colored background. This will make it easier to see who sent each message and to keep track of conversations.

New Google Chat messages interfaceImage: Google Blog

Google Meet

Tile pairing

Now, you can pair your video tile with another participant’s to make it easier to see and hear them. When you pair your tiles, other meeting participants will see both tiles shown next to each other. Paired tiles will be outlined in blue when speaking, and pairing will be indicated in the captions.
To pair a tile in Google Meet, find the user you want to pair with in the participant list, click on the 3-dot menu, and send them a pairing request. They will receive a notification with a choice to “Accept” or “Decline” the pairing.

Google Slides

Live pointers

This new feature allows you and your colleagues to see each other’s mouse pointers in real time. Use it to easily point out specific text or visual elements within a slide to highlight important information and content.

To make your pointer visible to collaborators, go to View > Live pointers > Show my pointer.