Google Workspace is a cutting-edge and adaptable solution that helps organisations enhance productivity, communication, and collaboration. In this article, we’ll discuss the way Google Workspace apps can transform your business.

With a diverse range of applications, Google Workspace brings together the tools businesses need to solve their collaboration challenges. The suite of apps includes:


  • Google Drive: for the management of files
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides: dedicated apps for documents, spreadsheets and presentations
  • Google Chat and Meet: communication apps to keep your staff connected
  • Gmail: email service from Google enhanced with enterprise features and support for custom business email
  • Google Calendar: easy to use app for agenda management


Apart from the apps mentioned above, certain Google Workspace plans also include enterprise apps such as Admin and Vault — essential for security and data retention. Google Workspace pricing starts from just £4.60 per user/month.


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5 Ways Google Workspace can Transform your Business

Many businesses have to speed up their Digital Transformation, restructure their business processes, and implement remote or hybrid work arrangements. Here’s why your business should consider Google Workspace.

Increase Productivity

Employees can improve the way they interact and work by using Google Workspace, which significantly boosts productivity and efficiency. Teams can exchange ideas, participate in meetings remotely, and more using Google Workspace. Companies all across the world are under growing pressure to maintain their competitiveness and satisfy their consumers’ requirements. Cloud-based architectures outrank computer-dependent productivity tools.


Simplify the User Experience

By giving employees inside the firm a more uniform experience, Google Workspace enables businesses to operate more efficiently. It is likely that many workers already use some Google apps, such as Gmail and Google Drive, for regular activities outside work. To is another reason to promote Google Workspace within your company and get everyone on the same page.


Reduce costs

Google Workspace costs are affordable for all types of businesses, including individuals, small or large enterprises, education and non-profit organisations. Google Workspace’s pay-per-user model means that you only pay for the number of users who are active within your company. This eliminates the need to expand server infrastructure and storage, or scale your server hardware. 

Since there are no apps installed on the employee’s workstation, there are no fees associated with updating versions, adding features or fixing bugs, doing maintenance, or installing security upgrades. Check out the latest Google Workspace pricing for UK organisations.

Access to Innovation

Innovation is ingrained in Google’s DNA. Because Google Workspace is a continuously expanding product, businesses that use it are constantly on the cutting edge of technology. Google Workspace is designed to guarantee that there is never a planned outage for upgrades. As an illustration of innovation, Google added over 300 new features to its Google Workspace apps over the past couple of years. Every year, the most popular apps are updated with hundreds of new features.


Advanced Security

Google Workspace prioritises security and its privacy and security standards are the best in class. All data is safeguarded, and privacy controls are accessible to company administrators who know best what safety actions are needed. Admins also have access to insights from data protection reports so they can make adequate decisions as to how to best protect the company’s data.


  • Google Workspace streamlines collaboration and helps businesses adjust to the new remote and hybrid work models.
  • Google apps facilitate productivity and efficiency.
  • Google Workspace pricing is structured in a way that allows companies to pay only for the number of users they have and the features they need.