Web-based collaboration tools are essential for organisations looking to transition to hybrid or remote working. Since work is no longer a place, toolkits such as Google Workspace are being redesigned to increase employee wellbeing across all working locations.

Wellbeing and Productivity

Employee wellbeing has a direct impact on your organisation’s performance. People are more likely to have productive workdays when they have access to the right support resources. According to a recent report, high levels of wellbeing equal fewer sick days and lower rates of burnout.

Employers need to promote a culture of wellness within their organisations and offer support to everyone no matter where, when, and how they work.


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Google Workspace wellbeing features

Google recognises that workers are now facing bigger challenges in balancing their work and personal lives. Here are five Google Workspace features that can improve employee wellbeing.


1. Focus time in Google Calendar

Reserve some time for activities that require your full attention such as writing and analytical tasks. You should aim to book at least 3 hours of focus time every week. To do so, simply go to Google Calendar, choose the time when you usually feel more productive and reserve it as Focus time.


focus time in google calendar

2. Snooze emails in Gmail

Don’t let every new email distract you. Use the snooze feature in Gmail to stay focused. Snoozing an email will make it will disappear from your inbox for a while. You can always go to the “Snoozed emails” tab to deal with the latest messages.


3. Cut down on notifications

Notifications can draw your attention away from important tasks. You should disable any trivial ones to save yourself from notification overload. Start from Google Chat and disable notifications from any casual spaces that might be too active during your working hours.

google chat notifications

4. Keep everyone engaged during Google Meet calls

Meetings can be engaging in the virtual workplace too. Keep your colleagues entertained with custom backgrounds, instant polls, live Q&A and break rooms. Engaging virtual meetings are essential for the success of a remote team or hybrid organisation.


5. Use Google Tasks to stay organized

This simple app from Google can be your best friend when it comes to task management. You can find it in the sidebar of most Google Workspace apps, including Gmail, Calendar and Docs. Instead of hopping between tasks, assign a date and time to each task and chip away at your to-do list.


Get started with Google Workspace

Google Workspace combines all the productivity apps your team needs to get things done together. Businesses who adopt Google Workspace also have access to the latest tools to manage their time effectively and prioritise their wellbeing. Google Workspace pricing starts from just  £4.60 per user/month and includes all the apps mentioned above, plus Google Drive, Sheets, Slides and more.