A key challenge as the world emerges from COVID is to reshape the way we work and ensure that employees and stakeholders are all part of a joined up organisation which respects their individual contribution.

Surveys indicate that 53% of employees will either work from home in the future or adopt hybrid working with one or two days a week in the office.

Hybrid work

Source: Economist Impact’s “Making hybrid work human

Of course many organisations – for example schools, garages, shops or manufacturing businesses – need people at work rather than home but inevitably employees and management who use IT systems will need the flexibility to connect remotely.

Work is no longer a physical place, but you can still build strong relationships with your colleagues and customers. Prepare your organisation to succeed in the future by employing the best tools for productivity and collaboration.

The IT-centric approach is often to provide a set of tools such as email, documents and chat without considering their overall effectiveness and human impact. Training helps of course but it usually focuses on how to use applications rather than how to work better as an individual or team. In many cases there is a proliferation of favourite applications such as Slack or Zoom, resulting in duplication, confusion and additional costs.


virtual meeting in the office


Cloud has enabled fundamental improvements in the ability to work remotely and the market leader is undoubtedly Microsoft 365. The Microsoft approach has been an evolution from desktop software to Cloud and essentially it’s a hybrid environment which arguably is more focused on separate but very good applications rather than a cohesive and straightforward user experience. 

Google Workspace however was designed from the ground up to be web or browser-based and it offers a fantastic joined-up user experience across multiple devices. The focus is on productivity and ease of use and there is very strong integration between applications. Recent improvements to the user interface in Gmail mean that applications such as email, chat, calendar and video conferencing can be accessed without the need for additional tabs so users can focus on being productive. Another very strong point in favour of Google is the collaborative features in docs which really do encourage people to share and work together. 


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So how do we reshape our organisations for the future of hybrid working? We suggest that the key elements are Productivity, Equity and Wellbeing.


Align the entire team with cloud based tools which improve productivity. With Google Workspace, you are able to effectively collaborate on projects and follow up with customers via chat or video. Enable your teams to quickly access data, connect, create, and collaborate from any location, and on any device. Transition to hybrid or remote work with no loss in productivity or business continuity issues.


Employees who are using Google Workspace have the flexibility and innovation they need for teamwork and collaboration. Allow everyone to contribute regardless of role or location using the same set of seamless apps and tools that connect the right people, conversations, and content. Instant access to the same information, technology and representation creates an equal playing field for all employees regardless of where they’re working. Google Workspace implementation has a ripple effect – when your team is happy and motivated, the positive energy extends to your customers, creating a better overall experience.


Productivity and wellbeing go hand-in-hand. HR teams can easily keep track of wellbeing across the organisation and share resources tailored to employee needs. With Google Workspace you can monitor the wellbeing with tools like Forms and have regular catch ups with your team using Google Meet. Calendar tools can help people keep track of their work schedule and book focus time to avoid distractions. As hybrid work becomes the norm for many organisations, it’s important to care for the impact this has on employee wellbeing.


Wellbeing at work

Google Workspace is the easiest way for organisations of all sizes to connect, create, and collaborate using the apps they already know. Advanced security controls strengthen the hybrid collaboration environment as users work from home, the office, and the field.

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